Born OTD in 1949, American soul, jazz poet, musician, and author, known primarily for his work as a spoken-word performer, Gil Scott-Heron. Author Leslie Gordon Goffe takes a look at the up and down life of American singer Gil Scott-Heron, the so-called ‘Godfather of Rap’. This book also takes a look at Gil’s relatioship with his father, Jamaican footballer, Gillie Heron. The first black person to play professional football in the US as well as Scotland’s Celtic Football Club.

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Tim Quelch takes a nostalgic look back on a 60s childhood and early adulthood immersed in Sussex sport. Hastings United, Brighton & Hove Albion and Sussex County Cricket Club were his three great loves, his passion for football ignited by United’s plucky 1953/54 giant-killing side that came tantalisingly close to a fifth-round FA Cup clash with Arsenal. Later, Brighton secured Tim’s lasting loyalty when he witnessed their brave 1961 FA Cup battle with First Division champions Burnley.

That same year, Tim was captivated by explosive Sussex batsman Ted Dexter and mesmerised by West Indian fast bowler Wes … More

When Laurie Cunningham played for England in an under-21s match against Scotland in 1977, he became the first black footballer to represent England professionally. Two years later, he would become the first Englishman to play for Real Madrid. In a time when racist chants flew from the stands, Cunningham’s success challenged how black players were perceived, paving the way for future generations. But Cunningham was more than an exceptional footballer who could play like a dream.

He was a dandy with a love of funk music and bespoke suits, as easily graceful on the dance floor … More