Tim Quelch takes a nostalgic look back on a 60s childhood and early adulthood immersed in Sussex sport. Hastings United, Brighton & Hove Albion and Sussex County Cricket Club were his three great loves, his passion for football ignited by United’s plucky 1953/54 giant-killing side that came tantalisingly close to a fifth-round FA Cup clash with Arsenal. Later, Brighton secured Tim’s lasting loyalty when he witnessed their brave 1961 FA Cup battle with First Division champions Burnley.

That same year, Tim was captivated by explosive Sussex batsman Ted Dexter and mesmerised by West Indian fast bowler Wes … More

Born OTD in 1901, Trinidadian historian, journalist, cricket fan & socialist, C.L.R. James. C.L.R. James is one of the 20th century’s most remarkable individuals. As the author of the influential book The Black Jacobins, he is widely recognized as the premier scholar of slave revolt; the publication of his acute & sensitive volume Beyond a Boundary established an equal reputation as a historian of sport; & his tireless political & intellectual interventions have become the hallmark of a highly creative Marxist thinker, a brilliant dialectician & the last surviving pioneer of Pan-African liberation.

James’s work has never previously been studied in its entirety. Now Paul Buhle, a longtime editorial collaborator with James, has … More

Born OTD in 1901, Cyril Lionel Robert James, was a Trinidadian historian, journalist, socialist & widely known as a writer on cricket. His works are influential in various theoretical, social, and historiographical contexts. His work is a staple of subaltern studies, and he figures as a pioneering and influential voice in postcolonial literature.

C.L.R. James is one of the twentieth century’s most remarkable individuals. As the author of the influential book The Black … More