Next book reading will be on the novels of Alexander Baron with Susie Thomas. The novelist Alexander Baron (1917-1999) was born into a working class Jewish home in Hackney, joined the Communist Party as a young man, saw the thick of battle in Sicily and Normandy, and became one of the most admired writers of post-war Britain. His first novel, From the City, From the Plough, was acclaimed as the definitive novel of the Second World War, the first of a trilogy including There’s No Home and The Human Kind.

Susie Thomas has taught Baron’s novels for many years and is the reviews editor for The Literary London Journal. Andrew … More

Next book reading is with one of the Stop the War coalition founders, Chris Nineham. Monday, 10th February at St Mary in the Castle. 6pm. £2 OTD. “The state – from the civil service to the security services to the police – is often viewed as part of our democratic system, together with parliament, but this ignores the crucial fact that it predates anything resembling democracy in this country. There were extensions of the franchise in 1832, 1867 and 1884, but universal suffrage was not a reality until 1928. A unitary and cohesive state developed much earlier than even the start of that slow process of expanding the suffrage.”

What happens if a radical government gets elected in Britain? How will the banks, the civil servants, the media and … More

Next book reading at Printed Matter will be by local author, artist & playwright, Howard Colyer. Joseph K is not a happy man. Not only has he been arrested on the morning of his thirtieth birthday for no discernible reason, he’s not had his breakfast yet. Both problems weigh heavily on Joseph’s mind as he reflects on the incidents that may- or may not- have led him to his incarceration and possible imminent execution.

Written by Prague’s favourite son on the eve of the first world war there are echoes of impending doom throughout … More

Jake Arnott will be giving a reading from ‘The Fatal Tree’ at the next Polari event, at Printworks in Hastings on 12 December. London, the 1720s. Welcome to ‘Romeville’, the underworld of that great city. The financial crash caused by the South Sea Bubble sees the rise of Jonathan Wild, self-styled ‘Thief-taker General’ who purports to keep the peace while brutally controlling organised crime. Only two people truly defy him: Jack Sheppard, apprentice turned house-breaker, and his lover, the notorious whore & pickpocket Edgworth Bess.

From the condemned cell at Newgate, Bess gives her account of how she & Jack formed the most famous criminal … More