Community gardening is a growing revolution that is taking root in towns and cities all over the world. Groups of likeminded people are transforming neglected plots of land into green, flourishing spaces for everyone to enjoy. In The Community Gardening Handbook, Ben Raskin shares his keen expertise in an invaluable introduction to a new wave of collective self- sufficiency, encouraging a community audience to grow food and to garden together.

A look into the background of community gardening and its benefits is followed by a practical guide: planning advice is … More

A fascinating book that delves into the social history of the allotment movement. Clearly a very inteligent conservationist, Lesley writes with a passion that permeates the whole book. If you are interested in how allotments have developed, the social influences behind allotments, the grow your own movement, and the struggles that are faced with in the allotment movement; then this is the book for you.

Some of the images within the book are fascinating, showing how important growing your own was during the Second World … More