From the late, great, Ranking Roger of The Beat, comes his autobiography from the same name of their album – ‘I Just Can’t Stop It : My Life in the Beat’. This is the story of one of the UK’s biggest 2-Tone bands, The Beat, who at the height of their fame in the early 80’s, had three top-selling UK albums & like The Specials, epitomized the 2-tone multi-racial approach to music & life in urban Britain. The story begins in 1979, when 16 year-old Birmingham school boy Roger – a punk fan – was invited to appear on stage at a local pub with the newly formed ska band, The Beat.

Roger’s energetic style and Jamaican-influenced vocals, paired with Dave Wakeling’s angelic pop vocals, immediately distinguished the band from the other … More

Born OTD in 1959, Happy 60th Birthday to Terry Hall. “We didn’t realise we were playing ‘ska’ – we grew up in a heavily Jamaican populated area, and we were referencing music we grew up with. We once played a gig to skinheads and found our audience by accident. We did venture to London, but none of the record companies were interested. They didn’t know who we were, so we formed our own label in Coventry” – Terry Hall.

Ska originated in Jamaica in the late Fifties and combined Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rnb. Ska … More