Rave, a ’98 novel by German author Rainald Goetz & has been translated by Adrian Nathan West. Rave was the first of five stories in Goetz’s ‘This Morning’ series, which focussed on popular culture of the ‘90s. An examination & celebration of the budding German techno scene, the novel was written with collaborative guidance from the likes of Sven Väth & DJ Westbam. “In RAVE, [Goetz] dives fully into dissolution,..” “Celebrating what is neither counter-culture nor`mass culture’ in Adorno’s disparaging sense, but a new way of experiencing mental processes & intimacy.”


‘To sample an old saying: if you can remember the nineties, you weren’t there. Rainald Goetz was there, and found a form in which to summon the sensations and sounds, the highs and the bass, of techno culture. This is a classic cut from a fabled era that will enrich the mix of today’s rave culture – and fills in the memory hole for some of us old-timers’
— McKenzie Wark, author of The Beach Beneath the Street Available in store & online.

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