Born OTD in 1932, Jamaican ska trombonist, composer & founding member of The Skatalites, Don Drummond. This is a comprehensive biography of a brilliant musician & his lover who forever shaped the course of ska, reggae, & popular music worldwide despite poverty, class separation, mental illness, racial politics, exploitation, & sexism that resulted in murder. Through the words of Drummond’s childhood friends, classmates, musicians, medical staff, legal counsel, & teachers, comes a first-hand story of his “unusual mind.” They recall the early days in the recording studio, playing the instrumental backup for Bob Marley & others, & the nights in the Rasta camps where musicians burned the midnight oil & more.

Don Drummond

They roam the halls of the primitive and haunting mental hospitals; remember the gyrations of his lover, Margarita, the Rumba Queen, as she tantalised audiences at Club Havana; tell what happened that tragic night when Drummond stabbed Margarita four times; reveal details of the trial (delayed more than a year as Drummond was ruled mentally unfit) and offer insights into the ways that Drummond likely died in the asylum at age 35. Available in store and online.

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