Soon come, new vinyl release on the Outta Sight record label, ‘The Northern Soul of Dynamo’. Dynamo premiered in January 1967 with Tommy Hunt’s return to the charts… “The Biggest Man”, a Billboard #29 R&B smash. The flip-side was Hunt’s original version of “Never Love A Robin” popularised in the UK by Barbara and Brenda and featured here, side two, track two. The song was co-written by Dixon and his then wife Inez Foxx. Inez and Charlie Foxx’s Dynamo debut was “Tightrope” released in March 1967 and featured here, side two, track three. The disc also scored a release in the UK on ‘Stateside’ and was to become a seminal track in the development of the Northern Soul scene played at the Mojo, the Wheel and the Torch.

The Northern Soul of Dynamo

Ironically, the rarest record in our set has nothing to do with Luther Dixon at all. He didn’t write, arrange or produce it (credit must go to Richard “Popcorn” Wylie), but we are eternally grateful to him for releasing it in November 1967. It is, of course, Stanley Mitchell’s Detroit anthem “Get It Baby” championed by DJ Richard Searling in the early days of the legendary Wigan Casino. At the time of its release “Quit Twistin’ My Arm” was the plug-side and here we feature both songs, in the correct order, opening proceedings for both sides of our album.
Perhaps equally as rare is the seldom seen or heard “There Will Never Be Another You For Me” (D-106) by Kenny Ballard and his ‘fabulous’ Soul Brothers, side one, track seven. This sublime crossover gem was produced by George Tobin who was also responsible for Ballard’s earlier Roulette disc “I’m Losing You”. Pre order here.

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