Marking Stephanie Gaunt’s 70th Birthday, this collection of her poems evokes memories of an unusual childhood and explores a full and eventful life. Raised by eccentric parents in a household of dogs, Stephanie lived and worked in London & Birmingham before moving to Hastings. As well as writing poetry & exploring Hastings, she is an active member of the W.I., & is kept busy with her popular on-line blog alter-ego The Hastings Battleaxe.

lines and wrinkles

Sales of the book will benefit three charities: The Sara Lee Trust, Riding for the Disabled (RDA), and Queen Alexandra College in Birmingham (QAC).

All three charities are close to my heart. Although, touch wood, I have not yet had to use the services provided by Sara Lee for people living with cancer, I know plenty of people who have. Their shop in Ore is right next door to the hall where we have our WI meetings, and we see a lot of them. They do a good job. Grand daughter goes to the local RDA centre at Fairlight Hall when she comes to stay, and I myself went riding as a child to a stables that later became one of the first RDA centres. QAC in Harborne is a special college for young people with autism, attended by my grand daughter. She is very much enjoying her time there – at the poetry launch event, we heard how she had made her first ever friends at the college. This is a huge milestone in her life.

Available in store and online.

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