Born OTD in 1953, English singer-songwriter of Irish descent and frontman for the Dexys Midnight Runners, Kevin Rowland. ‘Searching for the Young Soul Rebels’ is the debut studio album from Dexys. Recorded during April 1980, the album combines the aggressiveness of punk rock with soul music, particularly influenced by the Northern soul movement.

Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

During their time with EMI Records, the band consistently experienced troubles with their contract: upon their initial negotiations only three members of the group (Rowland, Archer and Geoffrey “Jeff” Blythe), called the “nucleus”, were signed to the label, which caused a stir within the group. They were also only being paid 6% of the royalties, whereas most bands receive 10–12%. This led to Rowland threatening to steal the album from the studio and hold it ransom until their pay was increased, which EMI laughed at. However, on the last day of mixing the record, while Wingfield was out of the studio to get a cup of coffee, the members of the group locked the door to the studio, each taking a carton of magnetic tape and ran through the building to their getaway vehicle, a Morris Minor which belonged to Saunders’ girlfriend, and drove to Rowland’s parents’ house in Birmingham.

New repress vinyl LP available in store and online.

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