Born OTD in 1944, Bob Andy. Bob Andy was one of the founding members of The Paragons, along with Tyrone Evans and Howard Barrett, with John Holt later joining briefly before being replaced by Vic Taylor. Andy left after Holt rejoined and worked for Studio One delivering records and songwriting before embarking on a solo career.


Bob Andy is, arguably, reggae’s first serious songwriter. In the 1960s, when top ska and rocksteady acts were into covering their American counterparts like The Tams and The Impressions, Andy came into his own.

I’ve Got to Go Back Home, his first big hit, is a horn-hooked classic considered a rallying cry for repatriation to Africa.

That opened the floodgates. At producer Clement Dodd’s Studio One, Andy wrote and sang songs that are rated among the best in reggae. They include Too Experienced, Unchained and Really Together (with Marcia Griffiths).

Available in store and online.



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