Weird & twisted events are taking place in Seaton Point, a 22-storey block in Hackney. It becomes a beacon for the distrurbed, deranged & disenfranchised

Seaton Point

Written by seven authors (Ted Curtis, Robert Dellar, Martin Cooper, Rob Colson, Lucy Williams, Keith Mallinson and Emma McElwee) it tells the story of the real life, 22 floor high block of flats – Seaton Point – on the Nightingale Estate in Hackney, East London. The block becomes a beacon for the disturbed, the deranged and the disenfranchised. Dark and mysterious forces threaten to overwhelm the tower as an evil alchemist living in the basement and a weird guru who conjures up cans of Tennants Super from thin air battle for control of the estate. Meanwhile, local residents are under further attack as armies of vampires, bailiffs, bricklayers and anarchists descend on the block to cause trouble.

‘Does for Tennants Super what Trainspotting did for heroin.’

Available in store and online.


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