Book reading with John Newsinger on George Orwell & the Left. Weds 2nd May.

Hope Lies in the Prole

Book reading with John Newsinger on his new book published by Pluto Press, ‘Hope Lies in the Proles: George Orwell & the Left. Wednesday 2nd May 6pm at Printed Matter Bookshop, 185 Queens Road, Hastings, TN34 1RG. Tickets: £2, including refreshments

George Orwell was and is a controversial figure for the left – everyone wants to claim him or reject him. Anti-fascist, supportive of civil liberties, close to the anarchism movement, anti-Communist with romantic. realistic or patronising attitudes to the working class (delete as applicable)…. John Newsinger gives a sympathetic but not uncritical account of Orwell’s political thinking and its continued signficance today.

He also explores Orwell’s ambivalent relationship with the Labour Party, his shifting views on the USA and his influence on the New Left and feminism.

John Newsinger is Professor of Modern History at Bath Spa, and author of a dozen books on the Empire, on 1917 and the Irish Labour Movement.

Available in store and online.

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