From poverty & a Yorkshire orphange Herbert Read became the most significant cultural critic to come out of England in the 20th century.

rereading read

A man who went from being awarded a DSO after the second battle of the Somme, to starting the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

For five decades Read argued that humanity had to face up to a new age of uncertainty. The historic certainties of culture, politics, morality and religion were, in Read’s view, no longer tenable. For Read, in our age of change, the arts are a tool for adjusting and surviving: Art is a biological function.

In his writings and actions on art, design, culture, literature, politics and education policy, Read became one of the World’s respected and controversial commentators.

Of all the cultural theorists who emerged in the 20th century it is Read who offers the most compelling analysis of our own age.

Available in store and online.

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