Book reading tonight with local writer Milan Rai


Book reading with Milan Rai on 1917: The Grassroots Working-Class Revolution that Lenin Crushed.
Tuesday 3rd April 6pm at Printed Matter Bookshop, 185 Queens Road, Hastings, TN34 1RG.   Tickets £2.

‘Failure to understand the intense hostility to socialism on the part of the Leninist intelligentsia (with roots in Marx, no doubt) has had a devastating impact on the struggle for a more decent society and a liveable world in the West, and not only there.’ – Noam Chomsky.

Look again at Russia in 1917. A working-class revolution that won huge freedoms for factory workers and peasants – but was then undermined by Bolshevik leaders Vladimir Lenin and Lev Trotsky as they revealed themselves to be the enemies rather than the champions of working-class democracy and power. Join Mil to grapple with unfamiliar insights, information and perspectives.

Pamphlet available in store or online.

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